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Our tire technicians are here 7 days a week to provide you with a number of fast & affordable services to keep your car or truck on the road, with unbeatable prices & minimal down time!


Extend the life of your tires by having them professionaly rotated at Red Line. Tire rotation is the practice of moving the wheels and tires of an automobile from one position to another, to ensure even tire wear. Even tire wear is desirable to extend the useful life of a set of tires. The weight on the front and rear axles differs which causes uneven wear.


Have you ever felt a weird vibration coming from your steering wheel when you’re cruising along the highway or your car shaking when you pick up speed? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your tires are wearing out faster than usual. If so, you may be seeing the results of imbalanced wheels, which could make for a rough ride and can have some dangerous and expensive side effects.  Avoid costly repairs by letting our service professionals balance your tires at Red Line!


​Picked up a new set of tires our rims?  Great! Get them professionaly installed fast & affordably at Red Line! We will have your car or truck looking great & ready for the road in no time.

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